Cannabis Industry

Cannabis Industry:

Located in the state of the great green rush we can provide coverage for both the Cannabis and Hemp business markets.  Just as the regulations for this industry are ever evolving and changing so does the insurance market place.  As carriers pull out of the market and new carriers enter so do policy forms and endorsements.  Do you really understand what you are and may not be actually covered for?  Let us help you understand your policy and shop for the best coverage options for you.

Program Capabilities:  While marijuana business need the same basic coverage as any other business that sells a product or service, they also face a unique set of risks brought on by the nature of their product. In response to this, policies are being developed to address exposures that are not covered by standard policies.  We can cover most aspects of the marijuana industry including:

  • Medical & Recreational Dispensaries
  • Cultivation Facilities
  • Infused Products Mfg.
  • Landlords
  • Ancillary Businesses – Hydroponic Stores, Testing Labs, Smoke Devices Manufacturers
  • CBD Product Manufactures
  • Hemp Foods and Other Product Manufacturing

Coverages: General Liability including Product Liability, Commercial Property and Indoor Crop Coverage, Finished Stock, *Stock While in Transit, Commercial Auto, Workers Compensation, Directors & Officers and many more.

Although regulation for most states have not mandated insurance coverage it is important for a business to protect the public as well as themselves from unforeseen financial damages.

We at SIP also understand that there is a need for more markets, competitive pricing, and coverages for both the Marijuana and Hemp industries and work diligently with various companies to educate in hopes of developing new programs.